Bristol City Centre BID

Bristol City Centre BID has been developed from widespread consultation within the business community to establish their views and needs that they have expressed on how to ensure that Bristol remains at the forefront of the core cities whilst continuing to be one of the most attractive places to live and work in the UK.

The City Centre BID area includes all the key areas of the commercial heart of the city north of the Floating Harbour. Consultation with all the businesses and organisations is made throughout the BID developement.



Any non-domestic property with a Rateable Value of £25,000 or above (a lower threshold of £12,000 applies to those with a Premises Licence and permitted to open after midnight) will be liable to pay the BID levy from 1st November 2017.

All businesses and organisations are included - both public and private sector - as well as offices, shops, leisure and university premises.  

The area shown on the map below is the proposed BID area and all businesses and organisations with an address on those streets will be members of the BID.

The development of the new City Centre BID will provide up to £1.2 million each year to be spent on specific initiatives (a total of £6 million ove the 5 year BID period).

What is the City Centre BID trying to achieve?

"A city centre that is increasingly known for its safe, attractive and welcoming look and feel by all those who come to work, study, visit and spend leisure time.”

The BID will focus on the following themes:

  • Improving Safety
  • Improving the “Look and Feel”
  • Improving the Welcome
  • Promoting our Success
  • Acting in your Best Interest



Following the consultation process the BID team have worked with all businesses and organisations.

A Steering Group of businesses and a Strategic Board of senior leaders within the City Centre BID area assisted in guiding the BID team.

The culmination of all these combined efforts is the BID prospectus 2017 and the business plan that both outline key themes and projects of improvements needed within the area.


What areas in the city does the BID include?

The BID area covers the heart of Bristol City Centre:


The Levy Payments

The BID levy is based on a charge of 1.5% of a business rateable value (a reduced BID levy of 0.75% applies for charities).

No property will pay the levy if its Rateable Value is less than £25 000 (less than £12 000 where the business operates under a Premises Licence and is permitted to open after midnight).

At 1.5% levy, the indicative costs to a business would be
Rateable value Annual levy Weekly cost
£25,000 £375 £7.21
£50,000 £750 £14.42
£100,000 £1,500 £28.84
£500,000 £7,500


For Licensed businesses operating after midnight:

£12,000                             £180                       £3.46


If the BID comes into effect the Collection Authority commissioned by the BID will be that which offers the most cost effective method to maximise the money available for the requested projects - currently this will be Bristol City Council Business Rates unit. The BID levy is a daily charge, paid in full in advance on 1st November of each year.

The BID will not require any additional paperwork or actions on the part of any local businesses. All of the money will be paid into a special BID account. Funds will be ring fenced and used solely to fund the City Centre BID programme under the direction and oversight of a Management Board.

Late Night Levy

If the BID is approved at ballot the Council and the police will not pursue a Late Night Levy for businesses within the BID area.

Both the Police and the Local Authority prefer to have a BID since they see it as a more co-operative approach that engages businesses in deciding and agreeing on the required objectives.


BID ballot 7th June – 5th July 2017

Only city centre business ratepayers can decide if the proposed BID goes ahead.

For the BID to be introduced, it must be approved in a formal, independently supervised ballot – every property in the City Centre BID area gets one vote (occupants/ owners/ ratepayers having more than one property on the Business Rate database will have a vote for each property reference).

From the votes cast a majority of business ratepayers must be in favour. If this is achieved then a further count will be made to ensure that the votes in favour (of those cast) also represent a majority of the rateable value represented by the votes cast.

If the ballot is in favour, then every business has to invest in the area in accordance with the business plan.

The ballot date - 5th July 2017; a postal vote administered by Electoral Reform Services. The voter is typically the person that is listed as the non-domestic ratepayer. If the premise is vacant, the property owner is entitled to vote.

If the City Centre BID is successfully voted in then it will operate for five years from its commencement date.

BID timescales


  • April to June 2016: Introduction and initial communication period
  • July to September 2016: First consultation period
  • Autumn 2016: Analysis and feedback on consultation
  • Autumn 2016: Draft proposal and business plan prepared
  • Winter 2016/ Spring 2017: Second consultation period
  • Spring 2017: proposal and business plan finalised
  • June/ July 2017: BID ballot
  • August 2017: BID comes into effect (provisional)
  • October 2017: BID levy collection
  • 1st November 2017: BID starts