Bristol City Centre BID

The Bristol City Centre BID will commence its 5 year term on 1st November 2017 following a ballot of businesses that was held in July 2017 (the full official result is available in Downloads)



In its first year the BID team will be focussing on:


Clear and simple communication with you, the levy payers – both in person and using technology.

We will do this by building a team of uniformed ambassadors and by providing a tried and tested bespoke dashboard to all levy payers. We will also use our social media and a website with improved functionality and information December 2017.


Improving street cleansing, graffiti removal.

Introducing a new team of on street rangers to deliver additional cleansing such as street washing, chewing gum removal and litter picking. The team will also deliver a rapid response to street level graffiti and will assist in reporting issues to improve the look and feel of the area. The street ranger team will be introduced in the area in 2017/2018.


Working in partnership to reduce rough sleeping, homelessness and begging.

The BID is developing solutions in partnership with charities and Bristol City Council to reduce rough sleeping and homelessness and to provide pastoral support for those in need.


Developing a preferential waste and recycling contract for BID levy payers.

A waste collection scheme with exclusive savings developed for levy payers, making the city cleaner and greener, the scheme will be available for application during 2018.


Making the city centre safer after dark.

The BID is working closely with stakeholders to raise the profile of Bristol Purple Flag and deliver Taxi Marshalling initiatives for a better management of the night time, reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.


Welcome Ambassador roles

Introducing street ambassadors to assist levy payers and visitors, promoting the care and wellbeing of the city centre. They will be noticeable by their uniform and will appear within the BID area in autumn 2017.


Providing improved seasonal lighting and planting.

The BID is supporting the Christmas lights for 2017 within the area and will be introducing more floral display during Spring 2018.








What will the City Centre BID achieve?

"A city centre that is increasingly known for its safe, attractive and welcoming look and feel by all those who come to work, study, visit and spend leisure time.”

The BID will focus on the following themes:

  • Improving Safety
  • Improving the “Look and Feel”
  • Improving the Welcome
  • Promoting our Success
  • Acting in your Best Interest



The Levy Payments

The BID levy is based on a charge of 1.5% of a business rateable value (a reduced BID levy of 0.75% applies for charities and those within the Harbourside Managed Space).

No property will pay the levy if its Rateable Value is less than £25 000 (or less than £12 000 where the business operates under a Premises Licence and is permitted to open after midnight).

At 1.5% levy, the indicative costs to a business would be
Rateable value Annual levy Weekly cost
£25,000 £375 £7.21
£50,000 £750 £14.42
£100,000 £1,500 £28.84
£500,000 £7,500


For Licensed businesses operating after midnight:

£12,000                             £180                       £3.46


 The BID levy is based on the 'chargeable day' and is paid in full in advance by the occupier on 1st November of each year. The collection of the levy will be done on behalf of the Bristol City Centre BID by Bristol City Council Business Rates since they offer the most cost effective collection method.

All of the money will be paid into a special BID account. Funds will be ring fenced and used solely to fund the City Centre BID activities, a representative Management Advisory Board will be providing advice and guidance throughout the term of the BID.

Late Night Levy

Since the BID was approved at ballot neither the Council nor the police will pursue a Late Night Levy for businesses within the BID area - their sole proviso is that the BID must make appropriate provision to address specific issues within the night time economy.

Both the Police and the Local Authority take tis stance as they prefer to have a co-operative approach engaging with businesses to agree and implement a partnership plan.