BID Governance - Management Board

It is time to build the BID Management Board. This Board will meet on (at least) a quarterly basis. Representation of this Board will oversee the strategic direction and financial management of the BID. Where decisions are required voting rights are only held by levy payer representatives. The day to day BID delivery is delegated to the BID manager who will submit a report to the Board at each of their meetings. The Board will be responsible for ensuring that the BID operates as part of a wider community and in the public interest. Representation on this Board is available to all levy payers and will be proportionate to each business sector’s relative gross rateable values.

The election of Board members is to be held at each AGM. The Management Board will have 16 voting members made up of the below representatives:

Office – 6

Leisure – 4

Retail – 2

Education – 2

Public Sector – 2

The Board may co-opt up to 4 other members for technical advice or to ensure sufficient diversity of representation. The City Council will have formal representation on the Board as the provider of statutory services in the area. Once established the Management Board will elect a Chair from within its members. The BID will seek independent accreditation in its first term and will be subject to independent mid-term review (including a survey of levy payers).


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