Keith Rundle

Keith, our Operations Director, has headed up the Bristol City Centre BID team since August 2015, initially... Read more >

Pauline Fenlon

Pauline joined Destination Bristol in 2014, initially working at the Tourist Information Centre where she... Read more >

Vicky Bunt

Vicky Joined Destination Bristol in March 2018 as a Project Manager.  She has previous experience within... Read more >

Vivienne Kennedy

Vivienne Kennedy

Vivienne joined the Bristol City Centre BID team as a digital marketing executive on 1st November 2017, its first... Read more >

James Ward

James Ward

James graduated from the University of Bristol in 2017 with a Masters Degree in International Development. He... Read more >


Byron Jennings

Byron has joined the City Centre BID team after moving to Bristol from Scotland. He’s a former chemistry student... Read more >


Iona Gibbons

Iona comes from Bristol and has an arts background, graduating in Visual and Performing Arts, she's worked mainly... Read more >

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board meets on  a quarterly basis.   Their role is to  represent the interests of... Read more >


Bristol City Centre BID Ambassadors

The Ambassadors are a key innovation from the City Centre BID. Our Ambassadors are a visible uniformed... Read more >

Safeguarding Marshals

Safeguarding Marshals

Provided by Metropolis Security and funded by Bristol City Centre BID, our two Safeguarding Marshals  provide a... Read more >