Bristol City Centre BID

A Business Improvement District is a defined area where business rate payers agree to pay a levy into a fund for a fixed period. Specific agreed initiatives are then delivered to improve the area for businesses.

A BID is commenced when an independent ballot has been conducted. To be successful there must be both a simple majority of the number who vote and a simple majority of the aggregate rateable value represented by those who vote.

A BID cannot deliver services that the council currently delivers.

BIDs in the UK

There are over 280 BIDs in the UK, which generate more than £80m each year to invest in their local areas.

BIDs are successful, around 85% of initial proposals achieve a Yes vote at ballot. Their value to businesses is such that at each subsequent ballot the percentage that vote in favour almost always increases.

The City Centre BID exists solely to introduce significant improvements for the benefit of levy payers. Its aim is to ensure Bristol city centre is increasingly known for its safe, attractive and welcoming look and feel by all those who come to work, study, visit, and spend leisure time.

Following a Yes vote at a postal ballot (see the ballot result HERE) run by an independent ballot provider in July 2017, the City Centre BID began its first five-year term on 1st November 2017.

The City Centre BID will focus on these five themes, see our prospectus for details:

Improve safety

We will aim to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour to improve perceptions of the area both day and night.

Improve the 'look and feel'

We will deliver high standards of care and management.

Improve the welcome

We will work to create a lasting impression of a caring and welcoming city centre.

Promote success

We will market and promote the BID area as a safe, healthy and welcoming place to work and to visit, for shopping and leisure.

Act in the best interest of our levy payers

We will be the single point of contact for business queries and issues.