Bristol CAB – free mental health awareness workshop


Bristol CAB are offering city centre businesses the opportunity to take part in a free mental health awareness workshop.

Bristol CAB

Bristol CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) offers free, confidential and independent advice to help people find a way forward, whatever problem they are facing. Their staff and volunteers provide support to local people via a range of services and projects based both in their Fairfax Street offices and at outreach locations across Bristol.

In addition they undertake social policy research and consumer education campaigns designed to help people secure their rights and understand their responsibilities. You may know that the importance of good mental health is becoming an increasingly common topic in many aspects of both private and public life across the UK. In fact, poor mental health is the single most common health issue among people who seek help from Citizens Advice, and many people struggle to cope with everyday interactions because of mental health challenges.

Recently, they have been looking at what it is like to interact with businesses and service providers when you have mental health issues. They have been asking people who face mental health challenges what difficulties they face, and how shops, services and other businesses can help their customers. Their research has shown that poor mental health can make everyday activities, such as negotiating with a supplier or returning a purchase to a shop, substantially more difficult for both the individual and the business.

Better understanding on both sides can really help smooth the pathway to issues being resolved. Some understanding about mental health issues and how to help people engage with businesses can make it much easier to manage day to day interactions with customers.

Free workshop

Together with mental health charity MIND, they are offering a free two-hour mental health awareness workshop for local business people to share their research findings and talk about how to manage challenging situations. They hope the workshop will be of interest and will benefit local businesses and local consumers alike.

Once they have gauged the level of interest they will plan dates and arrange a suitably sized City Centre venue for the event.

Anyone interested in participating should contact Clare Jackson, Bristol CAB’s Consumer Project Coordinator. Email or telephone 0117 926 8801.