Bristol cycle recycle


Cycling is a popular way to travel around the city for residents and visitors, but finding a safe space to secure a bike isn’t always easy. In response to feedback from our levy payers we are currently planning a new scheme to remove damaged, discarded and unwanted bikes from racks the city centre, freeing up space for others to use them.

Abandoned cycles

Across the city there are hundreds of damaged and disused bikes chained to parking spaces and railings. Our ambassadors have been working with local businesses to identify parts of the city centre most affected, including the Old City, Park Street and the St James Barton / Bearpit area.

We believe that the majority of these bikes have been abandoned, and are taking steps to have them removed. We are currently working with partners to explore the feasibility of tagging all abandoned bikes. If the bike remains in place after seven days then our contractors will take the bike away.

Where will they go?

The bikes won’t be scrapped, but will be donated to two local charities that will recycle them, giving them a new lease of life, or using them for parts.

When will it happen?

While discussions are ongoing, we’re planning to roll out the bike removal project in autumn this year. It’s part of our commitment to improving the look and feel of the city centre, making it better for everyone.

If you or your business is affected by the issue of abandoned bikes, please email today. We will ensure that our removal partners are aware of the problem and take action.