Bristol GP – sponsorship competition – winners

Bristol Grand Prix

On Sunday 8 July 2018,  two British Cycling backed events took place on the same day as part of a full day of cycling for all on closed roads in the centre of Bristol. During the morning a 6km course in the centre of the city hosted the Bristol Grand Prix, which was followed in the afternoon by a Let’s Ride event which was run on the same course.

The combination of local and elite cycling races in the morning, followed by a family orientated free mass-participation cycling event in the afternoon provided a unique experience for riders and spectators. It was a great day out for families with lots to do both on and off a bike, and brought over 30,000 visitors into the city centre.

Competition to win sponsorship of the Bristol Grand Prix

The City Centre BID, working in partnership with the Bristol Grand Prix and British Cycling, gave levy-paying businesses the incredible opportunity to win sponsorship of the event.

We asked you to pick the three riders you would invite to join your ultimate cycling relay team and to tell us the reason for your choices. You could pick celebrities, members of your family, friends, or even famous pro-cyclists. There were many well-considered and inspiring entries, plus a few humorous suggestions, leaving us with hard decisions to make. But there could only be three winners, and they are:

First prize – Headline sponsorship of the Bristol Grand Prix

Winners: Lobster Pictures

Dream Team: Isambard Kingdom Brunel; Wallace and Gromit (on a tandem); and Fred Rompelberg.

They say: “We are super-proud of our wonderful city of Bristol, so we felt it was only right to have a Bristol slant to our dream team.

“Here goes: Isambard Kingdom Brunel – as a company who provides time lapse site monitoring to the construction industry, it would be fair to say Isambard is a bit of a hero of ours. We are not 100% sure how aerodynamic that tall hat of his would be, but at least he would be able to fix anything that went wrong with the bikes.

“Wallace and Gromit – even a great team needs motivation, and these two would have us chuckling along during the long hours of training. We’d probably have to sort out that green knitted pullover though; it looks like it would do a good job of wicking moisture.

“Fred Rompelberg – let’s be honest – we’re pretty sure we’d be lagging behind the main pack after our first two riders have finished fixing components and eating cheese respectively, so we need someone to make up time and fast. Who better than World Record holder Fred Rompelberg to close the gap, whistle past the frontrunners at break-neck speed (166.9mph to be exact) and take us to victory!”

Second prize – Named sponsor of the Elite Women’s Bristol GP Race

Winners: Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers

Dream Team: Elizabeth Blackwell, Florence Brown and Sarah Guppy.

They say: “To celebrate 100 years of Suffrage, we have chosen a dream team of inspirational Bristol women:

“Elizabeth Blackwell – Bristol born Elizabeth moved to the US and was the first woman to qualify as a doctor.

“Florence Brown – Florence Brown became Bristol’s first female Lord Mayor in 1963.

“Sarah Guppy – an engineer and inventor who designed an earlier alternative to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, as a friend of Brunel it is often thought she advised him on some of his own work.”

Third prize – Business stand in the Event Village

Winners: Bupa Health Centre

Dream Team: Georgina Baker’s eight-year-old twins and Dita Von Teese

Georgina, who submitted the entry, says: “I would choose my twins as they are extremely competitive and are always on their road bikes and mountain bikes! They could ride before they could walk! I would also choose Dita Von Teese to add a bit of glamour!”

Thank you

Thanks to all who entered our competition. It was a pleasure to read your entries, all businesses that entered will receive a Bristol Grand Prix goodie bag delivered soon by your ambassador. For more information on the event, please visit: