Caring in Bristol We Care Campaign

Caring in Bristol has launched its We Care campaign this week, during Homeless Action Week, to highlight the misconceptions and stigma that surround the discussion about homelessness in Bristol and the UK.

Caring in Bristol is a registered charity that strives to create a society where everyone has a home and is a part of their community. They work across a number of projects in Bristol including The Common, The 365 Shelter and Caring at Breakfast to help people move away from the streets and prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place.

The We Care campaign focuses on the following five statements:

  • The average Bristol resident needs almost ten times their annual salary to buy a house
  • 0.5% of people in Bristol are homeless
  • Homelessness and substance misuse are two separate issues
  • 100% of homelessness in Bristol could be prevented
  • Childhood trauma is a common life experience for people who are sleeping rough in Bristol

The aim of the campaign is to start a conversation within Bristol, working on the belief that if we all understand homelessness, together we can make a real impact and be the city that solves homelessness. Informed and inspired by their Get To Know workshop programme, Caring in Bristol’s We Care campaign aims to help inform our city, providing crucial information about the current landscape of homelessness in Bristol.

For more information on the campaign and to find out how you can get involved with Caring in Bristol, visit their website here.