Contactless Donation Points Launch in Bristol to Support Local Homelessness Charities

Tap for Bristol is a brand-new contactless donation system to support people experiencing homelessness in Bristol.

‘TAP for Bristol’ will be delivered by the BID in partnership with Caring in Bristol and Quartet Community Foundation. The initiative is the first of its kind to fundraise for homelessness prevention services as well as directly supporting people who are homeless.

The ‘TAP for Bristol’ points, that allow people to tap with a contactless credit or debit card to donate £3, they will be in shop windows and on hand-held devices.

Bristol City Centre BID is appealing to businesses and organisations interested in hosting a ‘TAP for Bristol’ point to get in touch in order to ensure wide coverage across the city centre. The first ‘TAP for Bristol’ point will launch in early July.

Every time you ‘TAP for Bristol’ you will donate £3. One tap (£3) could support someone attending a job interview. Two taps could fund a one to one session with a support worker for a young person facing homelessness and three taps can fund a prevention worker, working directly to navigate someone away from crisis or could fund an emergency deposit for a room.

All money donated through ‘TAP for Bristol’ will be managed by Quartet Community Foundation. It will be divided equally between a grant fund and Caring in Bristol, to help fund new work to prevent homelessness and to support people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The grant fund will receive applications from local charities, organisations and community groups on behalf of named individuals to support a safer and more stable life.

This will ensure that money donated will go both directly to those who need it, via the people and organisations supporting them, and to long-term prevention programmes and tackling systemic issues around homelessness.

This initiative from the City Centre BID will complement and support the work already being delivered by its Streetwise Support Office.

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