Bristol City Centre BID
09/06/2022 1:00 pm

Mindfulness Photography

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Free 45 minute session exploring photography as an activity to promote wellbeing.

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Creativity is known to have considerable benefits to mental health and general wellbeing. We invite you to join photographer Adrian Wyatt for this free lunchtime session which aims to leave you feeling positive and mindful for the rest of your day.

Press pause on your day and join us in exploring some of Bristol’s green spaces through a camera lens. Adrian will take you through some photography exercises to boost your creativity, stimulate mindfulness, and increase wellbeing.

No experience is needed. Each session is designed to be enjoyed with any type of camera, from a mobile phone to the most advanced set-up.

Photographer: Adrian Wyatt became a professional photographer in 2020 running courses that help people discover what he has, that looking at our world afresh, through a lens can have wonderful benefits to mental health and wellbeing. Adrian used what was previously a hobby to break through difficult times brought about by PTSD. He likes to help others discover the same. Adrian has lived in Bristol nearly all his life and previously worked in the Redcliffe and central areas. You can see some of his work on the following Instagram pages; @xrosspurpose and @ade-wyatt

Upcoming events

Upcoming Events

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