Interactive light installation for College Green

Bristol City Centre BID is bringing an innovative interactive light installation to College during December, in collaboration with local creatives.

“Cityscape” is an interactive light installation conceived, designed and made in Bristol which will offer locals and visitors alike something different to engage with at this time of year.

Visitors will be able to create their own unique sensory experience that mirrors the thriving creativity of Park Street and the wider city centre area. Using nine wooden sculptures designed to mimic a cityscape, ranging in height and shape, each visitor creates their own story as they walk beneath the installation. The visitors themselves form a crucial part of this piece, with each sculpture featuring a motion sensor light bar that reacts to the visitor moving through it and creates a record of each person’s movement across the Green. The sculpture replicates the path that the previous person took, leaving an imprint of their visit.

The installation has been created with a view to maximise the city’s outdoor spaces which can often be overlooked in the Winter months, showcasing them as places full of creative potential. By playing with light in an original, immersive way College Green gains a new winter identity, and the installation will aim to attract people to congregate and make more use of College Green at this time of year.

Speaking about the installation Keith Rundle from Bristol City Centre BID says:

“This is the first time College Green has been transformed during the winter months in this way. We’re grateful to Bristol Cathedral and to the city council for allowing this exciting project to take pride of place on College Green. We hope it will bring light and fun for everyone in our city to enjoy through December.”

The project has been created as a collaboration between Bristol creatives The Photon Factory, Team Love and Shape Studio. Each brings a different skill to the project: The Photon Factory conceptualised and created this installation and designed the motion sensor lighting system; Shape Studio have worked to fabricate and build the project, focusing on attention to detail and future proofing the design; and Team Love specialise in festival and event production and are overseeing the project and the touring life of the project after Christmas 2018.

The installation is now in place on College Green and will be active during the hours of darkness during the festive period and into the New Year.  #BristolBIDlights.


Image: Cityscape 2018 – College Green by Chris Cooper