Greening – More Planting for the City Centre BID area

The Bristol City Centre BID is proud to work closely with local charity Incredible Edible Bristol,  to deliver additional planting within the city centre from May 2019.

Edible Bristol are inspiring people all over the city to take food production back into their own hands. Their mission is to take down the barriers between you and your ability to grow. Any piece of land has the potential to grow food – be it a curb side, your back garden or a spare corner in a park.  Edible Bristol’s planting is more sustainable and greener than usual urban floral displays.

In addition to the charity’s existing and successful work in Bristol, the City Centre BID and Edible Bristol will deliver 35 new planters in several locations across the City Centre BID area in May 2019, improving the visual appeal of our city and benefiting all city users.

This green initiative aims to improve the look and feel and the welcome of the city centre for all those who come to work, study, visit and spend leisure time.

This is the first greening initiative which is part of a wider green programme delivered by the City Centre BID.

If you spot one of our planters, please share photos and comments on social using #GreenerBristol.