Safeguarding Marshals

The City Centre BID Safeguarding Marshals

Our two Safeguarding Marshals patrol each Friday and Saturday between midnight and 5:00am. Additional patrols are scheduled where necessary, such as Christmas or Bank Holiday weekends. They’re a visible presence and engage with the city users, levy payers, the police and the Bristol Street Pastors – who are also supported by the City Centre BID to enhance safety in the night-time economy.

Martin and Chris, our two Safeguarding Marshals, primarily cover the Triangle, Queen’s Road, Park Street, College Green, Frogmore Street, The Centre Promenade, Canon’s Road and Baldwin Street. Their main role is to be seen and to be available to help people who have become vulnerable while visiting the city centre venues. They offer appropriate assistance and advice in addition to reporting any issues or incidents.

This work contributes to improving the night time economy and helps to improve the environment by day and by night.

We believe that the Marshals and the Pastors are a great addition to the night time economy and are delivering an amazing assistance to the public and night time businesses, every single weekend.

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