Taxi – don’t get taken for a ride

Unlicensed taxis are dangerous. They are uninsured, unsafe and using one could put you at risk.

Bristol City Centre BID is working with partners including Avon & Somerset PoliceBristol City Council, BLTA and Purple Flag to ensure you stay safe when using taxis.

Here’s what you need to know to stay safe:

There are two types of licensed taxi operating in Bristol: the familiar blue taxis, and private hire vehicles (including Uber).

    • Can be hired immediately from a taxi rank or by hailing on the street.
    • The taxis are wheelchair accessible.
    • Must be pre-booked with a Licensed Operator/Company.
    • They are not insured if hailed on the street.

To stay safe don’t travel in an unlicensed taxi. Remember: No plate + No license = Danger.

If you are travelling WITHIN the Bristol City Council boundary:

✓Taxi light on: Available Taxi light off: Busy

✓  The driver MUST use the meter.

✓  The driver MUST take you unless they have a good reason not to, if you are drunk or abusive for example.

If you are travelling OUTSIDE the Bristol City Council boundary:

✓ Either agree on a fixed fare with the driver or the journey must run on the meter.

✓ The driver can decide whether or not to take you. They can refuse if you are drunk or abusive.

Where are the borders?

This useful map illustrates the Bristol City Council boundaries.

Bristol boundary map image


If you have a problem with a taxi – licensed or not – we’re here to help:

You should make a note of the taxi number from the plates on the front, rear or side of the vehicle.

There are two ways to report your problem:

  1. If a vehicle or driver is below the standard you would expect, contact Taxi Complaints at:
  2. If you think a crime has been committed, contact Avon & Somerset Police at:

You can learn more about unlicensed taxis at: