The Day of Who

The Day of Who

A Bristol book award for young adults celebrating and investigating themes of diversity and identity in society today is being launched by Bristol Libraries and the School Library Association.

The Day of Who

The organisers plan to launch a Bristol Book award for authors of young adult novels voted on by young adult readers in Bristol. The book award will short list six books, that all  explore themes of diversity and identity. The award will be aimed at Year 9 pupils (as this age group commonly stop reading for pleasure) across all Bristol secondary schools.

Research shows that teenagers who read for pleasure are more likely to have a professional job aged 30 than those that don’t. Bristol is one of the few places in the country that does not run a book award for authors of young adult books.

They plan to host an award ceremony following a day of workshops named “The Day of Who”. All shortlisted authors will be invited to attend and run workshops. The event will be attended by Year 9 students from all secondary schools across Bristol and will probably be hosted by Bristol Central Library.


They are looking for sponsorship to pay the authors a nominal fee and their travel expenses as well as marketing costs, a total amount of around £3,000. Currently, they have secured £500 sponsorship and are looking to make up the remainder of £2,500.

Benefits to sponsors:

  • There will be a huge amount of positive publicity around this award both locally and nationally due to it being the first award of its kind in Bristol and the first Young Adult award nationally dedicated to books exploring diversity.
  • This award will have a huge outreach as it will be championed in all Bristol secondary schools and Bristol libraries.
  • There will also be volunteering opportunities on the day of the award ceremony

For more information please contact Polly Ho-Yen or Roz Keir