Bristol City Centre BID

Taking care of business

“A Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led partnership that works co-operatively to identify, and fund, through a levy, initiatives, projects and events that are beneficial for the business environment within a defined area.”


5 days left to vote


Ballot papers were sent out to all voters on the 7th June. Ballot papers must be returned and arrive on or before Wednesday 5th July 5:00pm.


Please let us know if you do not have your ballot papers.


As we continue to meet and talk with our voters and businesses please let us know if you wish to discuss any final questions - if you own or run a business in the area and have not received a prospectus or been contacted then please call us on (0117) 946 2220


This BID will focus on:

Improving Safety

Improving the Welcome

Improving the 'Look and Feel'

Promoting our Success

Acting in your Best Interest 

Strong governance and the many years of experience that Destination Bristol has managing and delivering BIDs means we will deliver quality services through the BID alongside offering great value for money for you all.



This ballot follows a 2 year period of development and consultation.The initiatives and projects of improvements were suggested by, and shaped through, an extensive consultation exercise that invited comments and engagement from all businesses and organisations.

The proposed BID area is shown on the map on the City Centre BID page of this website.


The BID prospectus is available as a reading version below. Hard copies were sent to all representatives of, and voters for, businesses by post and by e-mail.


The Business Plan is available for download.


Some key points of this BID are:

  • Businesses from all sectors that operate in the city centre will benefit from, and are included in, the BID proposal.
  • The aim is for Bristol City Centre to be increasingly known for its safe, attractive and welcoming ‘look and feel’ by all those who come to work, study, visit and spend time.
  • The BID will invest £6m to support this substantial improvement over its 5 year initial term.
  • The BID services and projects MUST be in addition to what Bristol City Council already provides - a BID cannot provide what the Council must already provide.


A successful City Centre BID is critical to help keep Bristol at the forefront of UK cities – there are already BIDs of similar scope and size driving the ambitions of other core UK cities. Examples include Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds , Nottingham and Cardiff.



What is a BID

A Business Improvement District (BID) is an area where businesses have the opportunity to join together to fund additional projects for their mutual benefit.

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City Centre BID

The Bristol City Centre BID will develop and deliver additional services to create an environment where businesses can thrive.

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Get involved

The BID is developed by the city centre businesses, for the city centre businesses – so, please, as local businesses, get involved and get your ideas heard.

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