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Celebrating 5 years of city centre cleansing.


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For five years, Bristol’s city centre Cleansing Team has been sweeping not only the streets, but all of us off our feet. Responding to requests from our levy paying businesses, tackling both graffiti removals and washdowns outside of businesses in the city centre these guys really know the way to our hearts.

It all started on Valentine’s Day 2019 when the rapid response Cleansing Team was introduced, with the aim of spreading the love and supporting levy paying businesses with street cleansing challenges that directly impact their businesses. Now operating seven days a week, the team shows us their love of the city by providing acts of service, including deep cleaning pavements, doorways, street furniture and business frontages to keep the city looking pristine.

In their 5 years of operation, they have cleaned over 17,000 miles in total across the Old City, Queens Road, Park Street, Baldwin Street, and the Harbourside, the team has collectively delivered 21,275 hours of additional cleansing and removed over 6103 graffiti tags from business properties across the city centre.

Last year, the Bristol City Centre BID milk float performed its final duty; ready to make way for its shiny upgrade, named by the people of Bristol as Ghost Dusters. The vehicle was named as part of a competition to encourage the public to keep an eye out for the vehicle fighting slime and grime in the city. The slime-printed van is a sight to behold as it continues to keep Bristol’s city centre spotless for its local businesses, residents and visitors.

In January 2024 alone, the Cleansing Team removed 130 items of graffiti and responded to 12 levy payer requests. Most recently, the Cleansing Team were kept busy keeping Bristol Light Festival locations in the BID area clean, ensuring the locations were kept spotless ahead of and during the event.

Vicky Lee, Head of Bristol City Centre BID, said:

“The work that the Cleansing Team does is invaluable to the city, and it means so much to businesses to know they have a responsive team on hand every day of the week to keep everything looking as it should! For the last five years, they have shown so much dedication to Bristol and the whole city benefits greatly from their work.”

As always, we would like to say a huge thank you this Valentine’s Day to the Cleansing Team – our city wouldn’t be the same without the love and care you show it.



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