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It’s Learning at Work Week from 13 – 19 May, held annually by Campaign for Learning to establish learning cultures at work and highlight the benefits of continual learning and development.

The year’s theme is ‘learning power’, exploring how continual learning gives us the power to change and grow to achieve individual, team, and organisational goals. 

In celebration of Learning at Work Week, we’re highlighting our partnership with the online learning platform, SeedL. Since early 2023, we’ve been providing Bristol City Centre BID, Redcliffe & Temple BID, and Broadmead BID businesses with access to over 200 free courses across 14 subjects, including CPD-accredited courses.

Offering unlimited training opportunities at varying times to accommodate busy working schedules, SeedL courses are held on live, interactive webinars to help employees learn, perform, and succeed.

With several course categories available, it’s important to find the right learning solution for your team. That’s why we’ve rounded up our training guide of essential course areas for all businesses. Please read our additional guides for retail and hospitality and office-based businesses.

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Essential training for all businesses

All Bristol City Centre BID, Redcliffe & Temple BID, and Broadmead BID businesses can sign up to SeedL to gain free access to over 200 courses. By registering, you can take advantage of this free platform and help your team to learn, develop, and grow.




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