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A remarkable journey spanning two decades across the UK.


The BID Foundation is celebrating a remarkable 20 years of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) across England. BIDs were first established in England in 2004 by the UK BID Regulations Act, followed by Wales in 2005, Scotland in 2007, and Northern Ireland in 2014.

Over the last 20 years, BIDs have become an essential part of urban revitalisation, collaborative progress, and community engagement. 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of BIDs across England and the rich history of the sector within the UK. This year is a moment to reflect on the impact BIDs have had on cities across England, where over £1billion has been invested back into our urban landscapes and has contributed to reshaping communities and economic growth.

Our colleagues at Broadmead BID were one of the first BIDs to be developed in the UK, established in 2005 and currently in their fourth term. Bristol City Centre BID was established in 2017 and currently in its second five-year term, with Redcliffe and Temple BID in its first term after its creation in 2021.

We are excited to celebrate this milestone alongside The BID Foundation and BIDs across England, where we look forward to continuing our vision across the BID area to benefit our business community and the wider community of Bristol.

The BID Foundation has developed several initiatives including Accreditation Milestones, Industry Standards Advocacy, and Dynamic Working Groups.

Recently, both Bristol City Centre BID and Redcliffe & Temple BID achieved The BID Foundation’s Industry Standards Accreditation for demonstrating high standards with transparency, accountability, and professionalism. The development of The Industry Standards Accreditation came after The BID Foundation’s quest for excellence, ensuring BIDs across England uphold industry standards.

The BID Foundation has also developed four new working groups to drive strategic initiatives regarding Place Management, Place Marketing, Net Zero and Sustainability, and Safe and Secure which we are excited to be part of. We look forward to broadening conversation and bringing our ideas to help influence place policy discussions.

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Representing Bristol’s businesses; Bristol City Centre BID appoints new Advisory Board members, including new Chair

Bristol City Centre BID appoints four new Advisory Board members.


BID Updates

Bristol’s three BIDs appoint new Partnership Manager for Business Crime Reduction Partnership

The newly appointed manager will continue the award-winning work to protect businesses from crime in Bristol


BID UpdatesEnhancing

Happy Earth Day, Bristol: City’s recycling rates up by 29%

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Bristol are ahead of the game for reaching Earth Day targets for 2040 in line with this year’s theme of Plastics vs. the Planet