The Complete Guide To Bristol’s Clean Air Zone

Once live next week, on Monday 28 November, Bristol’s CAZ will be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


You may have seen signs throughout the city highlighting the fact that Bristol’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is coming. Once live next week, on Monday 28 November, Bristol’s CAZ will be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a daily charge that will run from midnight to midnight. 

Committed to creating a healthier future for everyone in Bristol, the CAZ will reduce harmful pollution in the city and reach the legal limits, set by government, in the shortest time possible. 

Here’s what you need to know to make sure you and your staff are prepared for the CAZ coming into action…


Check your vehicle(s)

Many vehicles that drive through the zone area are already compliant. People should check whether their vehicle will be charged by using the government’s online vehicle checker. This is especially important if you or anyone you work alongside is applying for a temporary exemption.

The Department for Transport has sent a letter to all non-compliant vehicles that have recently entered the zone to remind them of the upcoming changes.

We’re asking businesses to communicate with their staff about the CAZ and support sustainable travel to work wherever possible. Please encourage your staff to check whether their vehicles will be charged before Monday 28 November. 


From Monday 28 November, those with a non-compliant vehicle must pay the associated charges via or by calling the Clean Air Zone support line on 0300 029 8888 (Monday to Friday: 8am to 7pm, Saturday: 8am to 2pm). You can pay up to six days before and until six days after you enter the zone.

You will see signage around the boundary to let you know you have entered the zone, but you will not receive any notification to let you know that you are in the zone or if you need to pay a charge. It is the responsibility of you as an individual or as a business to manage any payments. 

If useful, you are also able to use the business accounts feature, which is now open. This also allows businesses to set up a Bristol-specific Direct Debit to help manage payment for fleet vehicles entering and exiting the zone.


Explore Bristol City Council's full list of exemptions


If your vehicle is not compliant, there are some specific exemptions available until March 2023. These include: 

However, not all non-compliant vehicles will be eligible for a temporary exemption and therefore it is important you are aware of the daily charges, the zone boundary and how you can pay. 


  • £100 of sustainable transport vouchers are available to everyone who lives and works in Bristol. These include bus, train, e-scooter, car club credit and the opportunity to borrow an e-bike. Register for free transport vouchers and support here.
  • Discounted bus tickets are available via the First Bus Commuter Club Commuter Travel Club. Standard charges are a £2 single or £3.50 return ticket anywhere in Bristol. The Tap On Tap Off system also means that you will get the best value ticket. 
  • For those getting the train, Pay As You Go tickets are now available on trains in the West of England region, including a £5.50 ticket, which offers unlimited travel within Bristol
  • Free 1-1 Cycle Training is being offered via Life Cycle UK to find a safe route to work in the city, providing confidence for those who may not have cycled in a city environment previously.
  • The upper limit on the Cycle to Work scheme has been increased, meaning the purchase of e-bikes now fall within the scheme.
  • Travelwest Grants are available for businesses looking to make improvements to buildings in order to support active travel. This includes the implementation of physical measures, promotional events or any other measure that will encourage mode change amongst staff, such as new or improved cycle parking or storage facilities and the installation of electric vehicle charging points.
  • Bristol’s two Park & Rides are priced at £3.50 with return at any time, seven days a week. There is a Park & Ride in both Brislington as well as on the Portway.
  • Financial support is still available for small to medium sized Bristol-based businesses and you can find out more about how to apply for support on Bristol’s Clean Air Zone pages.

You can find out more about the zone, where it covers, how to check your vehicle, financial support and exemption criteria by visiting our CAZ Hub. If you have any questions, please contact the transport engagement team or visit for more on Bristol’s plans for cleaner air.



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