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Visit West BIDs respond to City Centre Delivery and Development Plan Consultation

The three Visit West BIDs have responded to the City Centre Delivery and Development Plan Consultation, representing the views of our 1000+ levy payers.



The three Visit West BIDs, Bristol City Centre BID, Redcliffe & Temple BID and Broadmead BID have responded to the City Centre Delivery and Development Plan Consultation, representing the views of our 1000+ levy payers.

This Development Plan sets the vision and principles for the regeneration of Bristol city centre. Its purpose is to guide redevelopment and improvement works in an area where change is anticipated.

read DDP Vision and Strategies

This Vision set out in the document is to create a ‘sustainable, inclusive and re-connected community’. The main areas of focus within the plan are Broadmead and Castle Park with a range of proposals to link the two areas together and create a greener, more diverse city centre.

read the Broadmead Placemaking Plan and Castlepark Masterplan


Overall, we support many of the proposals with the document especially the desire to improve the public realm, add green infrastructure and make it safer to walk and cycle in the city centre. We do however feel it is a missed opportunity to put forward an ambition and proposals for St James’s Barton.

We also note that many of the transport proposals will need further discussion with bus providers and consideration regarding car parking and servicing.


Throughout our response we have emphasised the need for walking and cycling and the public realm to be prioritised as well as asking for plans to maintain active ground floor uses, community uses and facilities to attract a diverse community to live in and enjoy the city centre.

Within the DDP, plans for Castle Park are more developed and we support the proposals to link the park to Broadmead, create space for children and young people and to create a new entrance to the park in the Northwest corner.

We look forward to working with Bristol City Council to further develop plans for the City Centre and Castle Park.



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