Drink Spiking Campaign

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Working with local partners to raise awareness and tackle drink spiking across the city centre.

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October 2021 - Present

We’ve partnered up with the Bristol @ Night PanelAvon and Somerset Police and Bristol City Council to raise awareness and tackle drink spiking across Bristol venues.

Together, we invite the city to take a stand against drink spikers by raising awareness of how to support victims of drink spiking and how to correctly report the crime. With over 156 pubs, clubs and venues already participating across the city, look out for our posters designed to direct people to the campaign website for resources and support.

Drink spiking is a premeditated act, a personal violation and a crime. 

To increase chances of prosecution, it is critical that evidence is collected as quickly as possible as some drugs leave the system in less than 12 hours. The campaign is providing venues with Drink Spiking Testing Kits, a drink spiking procedure guide to train staff, and campaign materials to display within venues. By helping venues in the fight against the perpetrator, this campaign is the next step on our journey to eradicate crime from our city.


Head of Projects, Fran Inman explains how the campaign is focused on the offenders of the dreadful crime:

“All of us are supporting venues to work on making the bars and clubs safer by keeping the perpetrators out. The police will be better able to prosecute where evidence is gathered early and well.

Venues will have a clear process to follow, supported by posters and briefings to all those businesses who all work hard to keep their customers safe. Initially there are 500 test kits for venues to use in both supporting and reassuring customers and gathering the best early evidence.”

We encourage everyone to join us in making Bristol a safer place. For more information, visit the campaign website www.bristolnights.co.uk


If you suspect your drink or a friend’s drink has been spiked, we urge you to contact the police as soon as possible by calling 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency

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