Marlborough Hill Steps Makeover

BID Lead

Art inspired makeover project of a key pedestrian walkway.

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April 2022

To help improve the look and feel of Marlborough Hill Steps, we added colourful murals to the concrete walls and simple planting to the previously bare land.

Developed in partnership with University Hospital Bristol and Weston NHS Trust (UHBW), we transformed the current dull and uninviting steps into an interesting and welcoming footpath.

Local artist, Farrah Fortnum, added brightly coloured murals to the walls to create interest and make the route more attractive. Farrah has painted the Bristol City Centre BID planters and her work to date has been well received by the hospital and will create a more welcoming route though their site.

Gardener Fiona Mackenzie added some simple planting to the bare tree pits to add further colour to the site.

Photo credits: Julian Preece and ShotAway.

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