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Anti-Spiking Intensification Week

Highlighting the measures the BIDs are taking to tackle drink spiking in Bristol


BID Lead
Francesca Inman

Monday 18 to Sunday 24 March is Anti-Spiking Intensification Week coordinated by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) to raise awareness and increase education on the risks of drink spiking.

Both Bristol City Centre BID and Redcliffe & Temple BID are proud supporters of this national initiative. We aim to highlight the steps we’ve taken to combat drink spiking in Bristol. Due to this campaign influencing national police policy it has positioned Bristol as a blueprint for other cities, highlighting the achievement for our work. 

In 2021 Bristol City Centre BID partnered up with  Avon and Somerset Police, Bristol City Council, and Bristol Nights to implement a drink spiking awareness campaign. This initiative supports a number of venues and events, including bars, clubs, pubs, festivals and universities, with the goal of educating communities and businesses about the dangers of drink spiking.  

The initial campaign launch was highly successful, with 238 venues across Bristol joining the city-wide partnership against drink spiking. Avon and Somerset Police reported several arrests in response to the new procedures, with 198 cases investigated in the first six months alone, compared to just 29 in the whole of 2019.

Since the launch to date, we have provided a total of 650 testing kits to 200 venues across the city, able to detect 18 different substances. Alongside testing kits, we have also provided venues with a drink spiking procedure guide to train staff, and campaign materials to display in their venues. The initiative has provided 800 urine testing kits to Avon and Somerset Police that allow for testing up to 48 hours after the incident has occurred. To request drink spiking test kits for your venue or for queries about the campaign, please get in touch at

Together with our partners, we’ve conducted round table discussions to analyse the project’s impact and make  necessary improvements. We have received feedback from various local and national stakeholders, commending the project’s effectiveness in addressing drink spiking issues and promoting a safer Bristol.

Avon and Somerset Police, Chief Inspector said:

“You should all be extremely proud of the amazing work that has been done through our collaboration which has undoubtedly elevated the focus of Drinking Spiking to this level.”

The overall success of our campaign stems from its multi-faceted approach combining education, prevention, intervention, and support strategies to foster a safer and more resilient business community.

For more information, visit the campaign website.



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