Bristol Advent’ures

Bringing #BristolTogether at Christmas with 24 building projections.

Bringing #BristolTogether at Christmas.

This #BristolTogether initiative, Bristol Advent’ures, was a festive arts project that lit up a new building each evening from the 1st to 24th December 2020 with a selection of the jolliest and iconic Christmas lyrics. Locations were selected across the city centre from Park Street to Cabot Circus, taking in City Hall to Broadmead, featuring some of Bristol’s most iconic buildings.

We encouraged people to support local businesses over the festive period as well as reminding them to be respectful and protective of each other and those working in city centre businesses. The project was designed to still be enjoyed whilst the city was in Tier 3, bringing a much-needed lift to the city centre and visitors, residents and workers.

The illuminated messages created a trail of 24 iconic locations throughout the city centre, with each message reappearing on that building every evening until the 28th December.

Illustrative map of Bristol city centre with snowflakes placed to show where the projections were

Over 100 businesses came together to make this happen for our city, including lighting and production company, SLX, who kindly supplied all of the kit. We are really pleased to have been able to provide opportunities for lighting technicians who have lost work in theatres and productions due to the pandemic.

#BristolTogether #BristolADVENTures

Never seen the city look so gorgeously festive, and a large part of the credit goes to @BristolBID for its brilliant #BristolAdventures project.

Bristol Life, December 2020

Updated: JANUARY 2021


Impact analysis of our latest #BristolTogether initiative, Bristol Advent’ures, shows:

  • It reached 631,361,946 people through the media
  • Had a coverage value of £194,000
  • Reached 2,393,456 people on social media
  • Had 120,579 social media engagements


72 businesses, including Plaster, SLX Lighting, Broadmead BID and Cabot Circus, came together to bring Bristol Advent’ures to life, positively promoting the city centre whilst maximising people’s desire to celebrate Christmas more than ever before.

Click here to view the impact analysis report

Updated: 24 DECEMBER 2020

Lloyds building, Harbourside

Projection of words on the side of a big building at night

Updated: 23 DECEMBER 2020

O2 Academy

A woman with red hair taking a photo of a projection on the side of a building at night

Updated: 22 DECEMBER 2020

City Hall, College Green

Projections of words in front of a city hall at night

Updated: 21 DECEMBER 2020

Premier Inn, Lewins Mead

Bus drivers stood in front of a projection on a building wall in the dark

Updated: 20 DECEMBER 2020

Hargreaves Lansdown, Harbourside

Projection of Christmas lyric on a glass building in the dark

Updated: 19 DECEMBER 2020

Bristol Shopping Quarter

Projection of a Christmas lyric on a shopping mall with people walking by at night

Updated: 18 DECEMBER 2020

Revolution Bristol

Projection of words onto the side of a bar at night time

Updated: 17 DECEMBER 2020

Castle Park

Projection of words on a stone wall on the side of a park

Updated: 16 DECEMBER 2020

Bristol Old Vic, King Street

Small light projection on a wall next to a theatre at night

Updated: 15 DECEMBER 2020

Waitrose, Queens Road

Projection of Christmas lyrics on a wall above a Waitrose window

Updated: 14 DECEMBER 2020

Bristol Beacon

Projection onto a building with lots of windows

Updated: 13 DECEMBER 2020

Park Street

Projection around graffiti on a wall by a busy high street at night

Updated: 12 DECEMBER 2020

Bristol Shopping Quarter

Projection of white text on the side of Debenhams

Updated: 11 DECEMBER 2020

Thunderbolt Square

Projection on to a wet ground at night

Updated: 10 DECEMBER 2020

Milliners Guild, Upper Maudlin Street

Photo of a projection above a graffiti painting of the queen

Updated: 9 DECEMBER 2020

Corn Street

The top of a church tower with a projection of words over it

Updated: 8 DECEMBER 2020

Bristol Shopping Quarter

Long exposure photo of a projection on the side of a building in the dark

Updated: 7 DECEMBER 2020

Arnolfini, Harbourside

Light projection of 'let it snow' on the side of a tall building by the harbour

Updated: 6 DECEMBER 2020

Millennium Square

Giant white letters projected onto the floor in front of a fairground

Updated: 5 DECEMBER 2020

King Street

Projection of words on the side of a pub on a dark cobbled street

Updated: 4 DECEMBER 2020

Seamen's Church, Queen Square

Projection on a derelict church by a busy road at night

Updated: 3 DECEMBER 2020

Park Row, Clifton

Projection on to the side of a wall by a busy street at night time

Updated: 2 DECEMBER 2020

Cabot Circus

Projection of white words on the floor outside in front of a lit up deer

Projection of white words onto a pavement outside

Projection of white words on a paved street

Projection of white words on a street with people walking around it

Updated: 1 DECEMBER 2020

St George's Bristol

Two images of an old building with a projection on either side