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Adding greenery and colour to our city centre.

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Since 2019

Brandon Hill Wildflower Meadow

In October of 2023, we enhanced an existing Avon Wildlife Trust wildflower meadow on Brandon Hill, with the help of lunchtime volunteers from our business community. Across two weeks and four sessions, volunteers helped to turn over soil to plant new wildflower seed, ensuring that the beautiful meadow would provide key nutrients for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Marlborough Hill Steps

In April 2022, we completed the first recommended improvement through the Marlborough Hill steps project which saw the transformation of this once grey space into a colourful art project thanks to our partnership with University Hospital Bristol and Weston NHS Trust and local artist, Farrah Fortnum. This winter we plan to add more planting and greenery to this well-used public space.

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Green Wall Rupert Street

In September 2022 we completed another recommended improvement with the creation of a Green Wall on Rupert Street. This project has added some beautiful greenery to this car-dominated location and aims to bring some joy to all that see it.

In our second term, we want to deliver more projects that help create a greener, more attractive city centre to spend time in, working with Bristol City Council to create social spaces where people can enjoy themselves.

Green Infrastructure audit

In September 2019, we commissioned Land Use Consultants to undertake a Green Infrastructure Audit, creating a benchmark for green infrastructure in the city as well as developing ten ideas that the BID could progress.


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Painted Planters

In June 2019, 35 planters funded by Bristol City Centre BID were installed in a variety of locations around the city to add some simple colour and greenery. Since their install, we’ve repainted the planters with art from the brilliant Farrah Fortnum and added sustainable planting that looks good all year round. With regular maintenance and support from our host businesses we ensure the planters look great and offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional floral displays that need regular watering and replacing throughout the year.

Old City Planters

Dotted across the Old City, we maintain 40 planters, keeping the area looking appealing for both businesses and visitors. We took over the maintenance from Bristol City Council in June of 2023, which were installed as part of the Old City pedestrianisation scheme. We think that these are an effective way of adding a pop of colour and greening to inner city areas.

Our Greening Projects

Read about the positive impact our pavement planters and other greening projects are having on the city centre.


With the help of Avon Wildlife Trust, Bristol City Centre BID creates a wildflower meadow in one of Bristol’s bustling city centre parks.

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Enhancing the welcome and visual appeal of the city centre.

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Marlborough Steps

Art inspired makeover project of a key pedestrian walkway. (April 2022)

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Green Infrastructure Audit

(Sept 2019)

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